Every participant is directly compliant with his/hers application that he/she is participating on the event on personal liability and is familiar to the event's rules and regulations as well as with the risks that it brings along. Participant abdicates any possibility to transfer responsibility on the organizer of the event whether to other participants or third parties. With this application the participant confirms that he/she is in adequate psycho-physical condition that is proportioned with this type of event and assures that he/she will be carrying all obliged equipment during the event.

I am aware that my participation on the event is somewhat risky. However, I confirm that neither the event's organizer nor the partners of the event are in any shape or form responsible if I hurt myself. I have adequate insurance from personal liability and insurance from injuries that cover my participation. If I cause harm to another person or property, I take full responsibility and will make sure that organizer, Planinarski klub Gorštak Osijek and the partners of the event don't suffer any form of damage that is related to my wrongdoings. I accepted to follow organizer’s rules and regulations of the event for my own well-being and the well-being of others. I will check my equipment and bring it to the event only if it’s faultless, well kept and appropriate for the event and I am aware that I will only be allowed to participate in the event after positive inspection at the site and/or security check. Organizer and his partners can at any moment decline my participation.